Our signature Go Wild' activity, where you can take a leisurely pace, or go for it with a challenging team-building and competitive style. Great fun, and unique to us. Go Wild has 3 elements, Wild Food Foray and Bush Tucker Trial, Fire-Lighting Challenge, and Bush Bow Archery competition. The idea is that you have learned a bit about ‘hunting and gathering’ including wild food & fire-lighting in a beautiful setting, and had some laughs along the way. It’s not strenuous or dangerous, and we can adapt the activities to suit most people. The three activities take a total of around 2.5-3 hours.







Go Wild - Wild Food Foray and Bush Tucker Trial

During the wild food foray where you will learn about the wild food that you can eat and how to collect them including nettles, other wild plants and jelly ear fungus! These wild foods will be part of your Bush Tucker Trial, in addition to a few things that are a step up from nettles! This usually results in lots of screaming and hysterical laughter!

Go Wild - Fire-Lighting Challenge

For the fire-lighting challenge you will learn to make fire without matches, the aim here is for everyone to achieve a flaming bundle of hay, it’s quite an experience and a bit harder than Ray Mears makes it look! We guarantee you will have a great sense of achievement when you make fire for the first time.

Go Wild - Bush Bow Archery

To end the activity you will learn how to use a Bush Bow and arrows for a fun and very competitive Bush Bow archery competition.

In summary, Go Wild combines three fantastic team team/group activities, with quite a lot you can learn about wild camping / survival if your group is interested. The instructors keep it llight and fun, but if your group is keen you only have to ask & he or she will go into more detail for you about the wild food, natural history, or survival elements.

Lots of our groups get hooked on one of the three elements in Go Wild, so we also offer each of the above in a longer session of approximately 2.5 hours:


A foraging expedition, looking for seasonal, local wild foods you can try. Learn more about where to look for wild foods, the correct habitat, etc. This is a great opportunity for teams to get to know each other better, work together and enjoy the great outdoors in a way that connects them through the ancient practice of collecting food. Bring out your inner hunter-gatherer!


Learn more about the different ways of building, managing and using a camp fire including the various tinders and resources you can use to build your fire, fire-lighting and making camp fire utensils. You'll end this activity with home-made bannocks cooked over the fire! Can be combined with the wild food foray above to make a full day where your foraged finds are included in your bannock cooking.


Fresh from the US, Archery Tag is the new paintball and is a whole lot less painful with foam-tipped arrows! It's fast, fun, exciting and the newest phenomenon in friendly combat sporting. Archery Tag has a brand new twist. You are in a competitive high energy game of survival - are you the hunter or the hunted?


Competitive groups will love the challenge of learning the ancient art of target archery. We use proper recurve bows, arrows & targets. Once you have mastered the skills, it's full-on competition to see who wins with lots of fun games! This incredibly popular activity is fantastic fun and works well with small and large groups alike. Archery is a brilliant activity, very competitive and lots of fun. Everyone's doing it at the moment, watch out for Hawkeye, the master archer in Avengers Assemble showing how it's done super hero style!


We can also arrange pony trekking, shooting, fishing, sheep-herding & shearing & other rural activities, please enquire.


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